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Changing Politics From The Inside

Logan Reed

MBA, PCC, C-IQ®-certified coach

I am a white, heterosexual cisgender female, raised by a single mother who struggled with addiction and mental health issues. From this, I became unstoppable: first because I had to be in order to survive, now because I choose to be.


I became politically active during the 2016 presidential election, certain that I was helping the United States elect our first woman president – and have stayed politically active ever since the result of that election. I flew across the country to attend the first Women’s March in D.C. and was changed by the experience of a community coming together to fight injustice, both political and systemic.


I am an introvert, who speaks only when I have something of value to contribute. I’d write about my passion for ballroom dancing, but words fail to capture the joy that it provides my life.

How We Do It

Small group coaching for women who are running for office for the first time, are newly elected or seasoned politicians. Includes Conversational Intelligence and Unstoppable U™ tools and materials.

One-on-one coaching with attention to individual goals and focus, including spot coaching, Conversational Intelligence tools and Unstoppable U™ tools and materials. .

One-time training sessions  and full programs running up to 6 months, as well as presentations designed to engage your group and address a specific topic.

Group Coaching
Trainings and Presentations
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