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Individual Coaching


Focus on your unique goals and needs.

Individual coaching is a perfect fit for those who desire deep change quickly, and the individual attention that one-on-one sessions provide. One-on-one coaching sessions are a time to focus on reaching your goals by removing self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, coupled with creating real-world actions to take. Individual coaching provides a high level of accountability and support, as clients receive access to spot coaching, as needed, and text/email support between sessions. 

Individual clients receive a personalized Conversational Catalyst® assessment that provides key insights into their conversational habits that build, or break down, trust in relationships.

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As appropriate, we also draw upon Unstoppable U™ program materials, my original content that provides tools and concepts to integrate well-being into your political career.

Individual coaching sessions are 1 hour per week, 4 times per month,

for a minimum of 6 months.

Let's talk!
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