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Trainings & Presentations

Your group

Engaged, uplifted, with new tools
and confidence.

Trainings and presentations are great ways to reach a larger audience whether in person or virtually.  My trainings and presentations are customized to meet your group’s interests and needs. When deciding whether to provide training or a one-time presentation, the first step is to clarify what it is that you want to accomplish. Once you are clear on what your intention is, you can choose whether training or a presentation best meets your needs. 

Trainings provide participants with new tools and concepts that may be used immediately in their lives, and are rooted in Conversational Intelligence® and/or my original Unstoppable U® content.

Participants have the opportunity to practice using these new tools and concepts, applying them to real-life situations that prepare them to apply their learnings to overcome challenges that they are experiencing. 

Trainings  create shared knowledge, language and accountability for groups that have come together with a shared purpose.

Presentations are a great way to engage your group, while helping them learn a new approach to addressing a specific subject.

Lively, interactive and uplifting, my presentations are a great choice for team meetings, conferences and employee resource groups.

My presentations draw upon Conversational Intelligence® and/or my original Unstoppable U® materials, customized to the topic that you select.

Trainings may be offered as  one-time sessions or as a full program, running up to 6-months, depending on your desired outcomes.

Presentations are generally focused on a single topic (e.g. communication, procrastination, stress management) and are delivered as a one-time session.

Contact me to talk about what trainings or presentations might benefit your group!

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